Mom, you're old school!

On three separate occasions yesterday I heard the term "old school."

The cashier at the grocery store - telling me about a conversation she had with a young person about computers.  "What would you do if the computers stopped working?", he asked.
She replied,  "I know how to go old school.  I don't need computers."

I added dried cherries to my daughter's snack mix.  I added a note to clarify that they were not raisins.
After school she asked me why I wrote a note when I could have just sent her a text.
She said, "You pack my lunch in a paper bag and you write notes."
"Mom,  you're old school!"

Finally,  at a meeting I attended that evening someone called out "That's old school."  
Someone wanted to copy some information with a pen and paper when someone suggested,
"Just take a picture of it."

I am not ashamed to say that I like being "old school."
(It must be the artist in me.)
If you share my enthusiasm and want to practice being old school here are two places to check out.

Postcrossing allows you to send and receive post cards from around the world.