Eyes - the window to our soul

Here it is.  My very first attempt at taking a self portrait. 
I find self portraits very challenging.  I don't want to make a funny,  scrunched up face while I'm looking into the camera.  I certainly want the photo to be somewhat flattering. 

Here,  I caught my reflection in our garage door window.  What makes this extra great for me is I can't see my camera.  It looks like I'm holding a window up to my eye. 

How does that saying go?    ...the eyes are the window to your soul.


  1. WOW!!! That is a super photo. Girl, you are good!

  2. STUNNING!!!! This is SO GOOD, Stephanie, and I hadn't even stopped drooling over your blog header picture yet!

  3. Happy Birthday Wishes to you on Saturday I hope you enjoy your day and the up coming Christmas Season !

    I love the pictures, look forward to some winter pictures as well...:))


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