Ode to Victoria

Here is my 'photo-ode' to Queen Victoria!  
This miniature rocking chair pin cushion is made from a tin can.  The tin can has been carefully cut and bent and curled into the shape of a chair and then painted black.  I used to study and admire this little chair when I visited my grandparents' house as a kid.  I found the brooch at an antique shop near my home.  It's patiently waiting to be a part of something beautiful.


I had a great Victoria Day weekend spent with friends and family.
Looking forward to tackling the week ahead!


  1. do you know who made the chair made from a tin can? I have one too, my Grandma said her brother made it while in the war . . .


    1. Travis, thanks for checking out my blog! About the chair - I believe a friend/co-worker of my grandpa made it. It was a hobby of his and made both a chair and a stool for my grandpa. Quite amazing isn't it?

  2. Well done Stephanie, I like your style. Cliff


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