Photographic series inspired by Anne of Green Gables

Have you taken the 16personalities test?
Along with the plethora of information you receive,  it also lists famous people and fictional characters who share the same personality traits with you.

One of my fictional characters is Anne of Green Gables.
Why is this significant?
When I was young I read all the Anne of Green Gables books. 
I chose Lucy Maud Montgomery as a topic for a research project in grade school.

So, I decided to read the books again.

Now I understand why I enjoyed them as a kid.
I appreciate the author's brilliant use of words that describe every beautiful detail so I can easily picture them in my mind.

How are Anne and I similar?
I,  like her,  find beauty everywhere I go.

I admire her enthusiasm for her surroundings,  her imagination,  her sincerity and her attention to detail.

 So, hop on the buggy with Matthew Cuthbert, Anne and I for a photographic series 
inspired by Anne (with an 'e') of Green Gables.

The fine print
Considering my attention to detail,  my "perfectionistic" ways,  tending to my kids and keeping my house clean, I anticipate this may take some time.  

I can't wait to start!