Graduation dress, confidence and bubble tea.

My family and I celebrated my daughter's grade eight graduation at the end of June.

This involved picking a dress to wear - which to a fourteen year old is a big deal.

I admire my daughter for having her own sense of style,  knowing what she wants and not letting negative comments bother her.
(She also receives lots of compliments)

Throughout her elementary school years she outfitted herself with confidence.
Striped skirts with floral tights were a regular occurrence in kindergarten.
During the middle grades she wore her favourite jean jacket until she couldn't anymore.
Now her ability to accessorize any outfit still astounds me.

When it came time to choose a dress to wear to her graduation ceremony she already had an idea of what she wanted.
Luckily,  it happened to be in the very first shop we looked in and the second dress she tried on.

Lets go get some bubble tea.