Pet anxiety - treatment without medication

Rosie,  our Whippet/Jack Russell mix,  hurt her leg two weeks and needed to go to an emergency clinic.
Our Rosie is afraid of men, other dogs, car rides and the wind.  We adopted her at four months old. She was returned to the Humane Society twice before we brought her home.
I tell you her history because at the clinic she needed an x-ray.  After a lot of whining, many attempts to get away and losing both bodily functions on the table they finally got the x-ray.

Being the smart dog she is,  she remembered that ordeal and was over the top anxious today when I brought her to her regular veterinarian for her yearly check up, which involved involuntarily peeing on the table.

Our veterinarian presented me with a few ways to help Rosie feel more calm before turning to  medication.
(Notice how close these relate to how people manage anxiety)

Worn tightly around the body -  applying pressure.  
Much like a weighted blanket that people use to help them feel more calm and secure.

Which mimics the pheromone that mother dogs emit after giving birth.  It comes in spray,  a collar or diffuser.  
The equivalent for people - essential oils.

Music and sound therapies for pet anxiety created by Joshua Leeds (psychoacoustic expert) and Susan Wagner (veterinary neurologist)  
I think it's safe to say that this therapy can leave both pet and owner feeling very zen.

I think we will try these methods first before giving Rosie medication.
Have a peek at each of the links if you have a dog that shakes and drools when it's time for a car ride.

If your dog has had success with one of these methods please share!