A portrait with a few purposes.

My heart was pounding as I walked up the path to her country home -   camera bag in hand.  Erin asked me to her home to take her portrait in preparation for her time at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  
I don't know why I was so nervous. Usually the person being photographed is nervous.  If Erin was she didn't show it.

   So, Erin has some photos for business and personal use.   
The best part is her kids have a genuine, beautiful photo of their mom.

Lack of confidence in myself is my biggest hurdle.
Not believing the nice things people say about my photography is a problem.

Here's the thing.

I had fun!
And I would gladly do it again. 

 I wish Erin all the best this week at the 
One of a Kind Show in Toronto where she will be offering her therapeutic grade essential oils.
Erin runs an online shop called Chasing Clouds and just started a blog by the same name.

Thank you to Erin for asking me to take her photo.



  1. I am so happy you took my photos! They are genuine and they really capture my personality. I encounter the same hurdles with confidence. You are the sweetest person and don't forget it! Thanks for spending the morning and helping me get ready for my big event!


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