They took the chair! (and why this is so funny)

When my 9 year old is sick with a fever he experiences night terrors.  He will wake during the night upset and walking around, basically having really bad dreams while he appears to be awake. 
We all experienced his night terrors and because I play the part of mom I experienced them every hour until 6:30 this morning.

Upon waking this morning,  my husband looked out our front window and said with surprise, 
"They took the chair!"

This sent me over the edge.

I laughed like a long-time cigar smoker and rushed to share my husband's discovery with my 13 year old daughter.
You see,  we put "the chair"  out to the road for garbage pick up LAST WEEK and he just noticed its absence now.

"Why is mom laughing so much?", asks my daughter.
"Because she's tired.", my husband replies.

This story wouldn't be complete without a picture of the chair.....

and the reason we had to get rid of it.