It's pajama day at school today! What that means to my anxious child.

9:45am - I just returned home from bringing my nine year old to school.
He is late again.
Today is Friday and it's pajama day and he has gym today!

Most kids would be over the moon with excitement for a day like today.

Not my child.

His worry thoughts started to get the best of him early this morning before it was time to get up.
So he tried to stay in bed for as long as he could.
"I think I have strep throat"  he says.

Covered in a blanket on the couch is equivalent to digging his heels in.

"What if I'm the only one wearing pj's?"
"I'll be teased forever" he says. 

Before we/he received any help with how to deal with anxiety I didn't know how to handle these worrisome mornings.
Now we/I have the tools to maneuver around these unrealistic obstacles he has in his head.
It's not always easy and it's getting better.

It's getting better.

Can anyone else relate?
Does your child "misbehave" or dig his heels in when he is dealing with something different?