A recap of the Great Coat Remembrance Day Project and the best Christmas gift ever.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends doing the things you love to do!

From the Great Coat Remembrance Day Project in November until now feels like only the blink of an eye.
The project was received better than I had hoped and left me feeling more connected to my community and emotionally primed for the Christmas Season.

In preparing for the project I met with Rita,  a personal historian with the business name Momentos.
She is genuine,  heartfelt and super easy to talk to.
Rita can help you preserve your family's stories for future generations to enjoy. 

We discovered that we have a lot in common.
For example, growing up we both preferred sitting around the table with our parents and grandparents listening to adult conversation and stories instead of playing.

 George,  a man who grew up with my grandparents,  asked me to embroider his father Bill's name to be added to the coat for the project.
Afterward,  our two hour conversation just may be the best Christmas gift my family received this year!