When it's not just Monday morning blues - childhood anxiety

It's Monday morning.

While dropping my kids off at school I watched a young girl cling to her mom while dad waits in the car.
Mom's body language told me she is trying to be patient -  suggests she go find some friends.
Daughter lets go for a second to wipe her tears.

Mom thinks it's ok to walk away...                             her daughter prevents her from walking away.
Mom pulls her arms away from her daughter - her last effort to physically get her daughter to stay at school.

Mom and daughter both walk back to their car,

  mom and dad are angry and frustrated

and daughter is sad...disappointed in herself for letting her parents down,
  feels like a failure 
because she sees a whole school yard full of kids 
who are able to go to school without a problem.

This was me last year.
Every morning was emotionally charged.

I wanted to cry for this mom.

Obviously, the best way to help your child is to get them the professional help they need,
(as we did with my son).

The last few years I've looked for ideas and strategies to help with childhood anxiety and other emotional 'stuff',  (even if your child doesn't have any learning issues),
 here is one site I keep visiting:  Understood - For Learning and attention issues