Summer story - Crystal Beach Amusement Park

Summer story - rocks and fries

I worked at Crystal Beach Amusement Park the last summer it was open.  On the very last day employees and park goers frantically searched for some kind of memento to bring home.  Signs were torn off buildings and rides and some employees felt the need to pick the start/stop button off the ride they operated all summer.

I wanted my piece of the park too.  My brother's and my mission this fall day was to take two painted rocks.  Rocks you might find in someone's kitschy garden.  
One pictured a boat sitting on the water (The Americana) and the other a bright yellow sun.  
We brought a wagon to cart them home.

On our way out we passed a few workers taking a break from demolition.  Seeing the contents of the wagon we heard them yell something about "getting rocks off".
 I had no idea what this meant at the time

Another man asked me if I wanted fries with that shake.
I knew what that meant and I was mortified

I just kept walking and didn't look back and told my brother to do the same.

I eventually found out what the "rocks" comment meant.
I was mortified again!

The rocks themselves are long gone,  but the memories remain!

 Take a ride on The Comet one more time.


  1. Its good to keep those memories of the lost days of our youth, to give us perspective on the next stages of our lives.

    The park was a magical place to those who visited as well as those who had the privilege to have worked there. Its been 27 years ( 1998) and its still feels like it was yesterday punching out at the little dipper for the last time.
    It will always live in our hearts.

    1. The Little Dipper was the very first roller coaster I rode! Crystal Beach Park was a magical place for kids and adults - a feast for all the senses.


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