"Crap cakes" with a side of hormones.

"It looks like ice cream" says my 13 year old as she gives the thick pancake batter a stir.

In trying to make gluten free pancakes more nutritious I messed with the recipe.
I have messed with the recipe before with great success but 
all day I've felt like a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer named hormones.

The three of us sit down ready to enjoy pancakes for supper.
My 9 year old takes a bite and tries to think of something nice to say.
Through the laughing and chewing he manages to mumble that they taste like "crap cakes"
I couldn't disagree.

The after dinner shot.  

I would normally be able to let times like this roll off my back but this time I felt like crying.
I thought, I have failed as a mother.  I can't even make pancakes right!
Today we laugh about those "crap cakes".
Hormones is nothing to joke about.