Silversmithing for the first time - custom jewellery

Designing and making a silver pendant by hand

A lovely grandmother I know from my kids' school asked me to make a pendant and necklace for her grand-daughter who graduated from grade eight this year.

timeless, simple, and personal

I knew exactly what I wanted to do,
didn't have the tools or all the knowledge to create it.


I found Ruth!
She owns a studio called Metal Mud and teaches metalsmithing.

(I am familiar with her studio, as I had taken a tour with the Niagara Bead Society many moons ago.)

With my design in hand,  I spent the good part of a day learning how to
cut copper and silver with a jewelers saw.
File and sand.
Polish,  polish and yes,  more polishing!

Ruth is such a great teacher.  She encourages me to do my own thing
and supports every idea I have while letting me know the limits of working with metal.

I'm looking forward to my next lesson on etching.