Handmade, personal gift giving

End of the school year - teacher gifts

It's so much more personal to receive, (and give), something that has been made by hand.

This year I painted and stitched a butterfly for my son's teacher.  He was so fortunate to have her two years in a row.  She will hold a special place in our hearts. 

The piano sheet music belonged to my grandmother.

 My daughter's teacher had admired a felted necklace I was wearing and hinted that she would like me to make her one.
  I surprised her and she loved it!

The bead is my own wood burned design.

Part of making a gift for someone is finding an interesting way to present it.
(it's all about the anticipation)
My daughter's teacher is artistic so I chose a plain, unfinished wooden box with a latch.
Not only did it 'go' with the theme of the necklace but now she has the option to finish it however she likes.