Finding beautiful light - photography

Just the dog and I this morning.
Kids are at school, husband is at work.

A cup of green tea and one of my favourite publications - Flow - magazine for paper lovers.

Our picnic table is covered in delicate, yellow/green flowers that the maple tree hasn't a use for anymore.
The mottled light was beautiful - like a Monet painting.

I retrieve my camera from the house, set up the shot, fix my camera settings....but
the bugs, black flies to be exact, and they love me.  (possibly more than my kids)

I take one photo in between swats.

The phone rings - someone else wants my attention. (I ignore)

SWAT, SWAT, I think they called some friends!
(They are like the piranha of the bug world.)  

The article I set out to read is called 'Take Just One Photo (Instead of Thousands)'

Ironically,  I really only had enough time to make three pictures.
I retreat to the house and upon further inspection,  discover I was bitten more times than the amount of times I pressed the shutter release.

Was it worth it?
The light.
The beautiful light.