Now what? Help kids choose a career path.

Summer vacation is now in full swing.
Only two short months and before you know it,  we are on September's doorstep!
For high school grads,  September can mean something different.

Some graduates know what path to take next.  Their vision is crystal clear.
It's like someone whispered in their ear at birth "you are meant to be a carpenter".
(which by the way describes my brother)

When I was born someone whispered to me but I was busy admiring the way my mother's hair was highlighted in the sunlight,  or something visual like that.

There has always been really colourful moments that grab my attention as if to scream "pay attention, turn your compass in this direction!".


Doubt sets in.  Is this worthy enough?  Is it serious enough?  Is it the right time?
  I have two young children.  

So,  I can empathize with the graduates this year without a path to follow.  I'm sure some kids feel pressured to pick something.

What do you like to do?               What do you want to be?

How do they know if they haven't experienced it?

Can anyone else relate?
Maybe you know a graduate who is struggling to choose his/her path.
Any advice?

My kids are still fairly young,  but they have an advantage over high school grads because they still have a ton of time to experience new things.
Maybe one of these new discoveries will resonate with them and ignite a spark in them that will last a lifetime...I hope.