How to personalize teacher gifts

My family and I were blessed this school year to have two amazing teachers for my eleven year old and my seven year old.

I wanted to do something special for my son's grade one teacher.  
Make it a bit more personal and unique.

We gave her a potted flowering plant last week - a little inspiration to get her through to the end of year.  I snapped this photo (with my Lensbaby lens for that special effect) of my little guy before we brought it to school.

To include with her gift,  I'll print this photo and attach it to card stock to make a personal thank you card.
I picked out a book about crafting ideas for kids to inspire her for classroom projects or to share with her own children.
I 'll wrap the book in brown craft paper and let Noah draw and print whatever his heart desires.

Share your ideas for personal,  unique teacher gifts!