Everything is 'beta' with feta

If you looked in my fridge right now,  you would find feta cheese.  (not just feta cheese,  that would be bizarre)   I could sprinkle it on just about anything.  Especially salads.  It's a great way to hide flavours of really bitter or unpleasant,  but healthy,  leafy greens.  Kind of the same idea Mary Poppins had - "just a spoon full of sugar...",  you know the rest!

wilted baby kale with a bit of coconut oil

baby kale, sunflower seeds and feta cheese

 My husband and I played on a co-ed ball hockey team many moons ago when we were younger and sadly more athletic.  Our team would head back to our sponsor bar for a feast of beer and chicken wings.  My friend and I opted out of the saucy-fingered,  grunt-induced post workout snack of chicken wings and would order a greek salad with,  you guessed it,  a heaping amount of feta cheese instead.
Odd,  I know,  but very refreshing.

If your kids are not salad eaters - try some feta.
Kids usually enjoy the salty flavour of feta  and it's soooo worth it if they actually eat their salad.