Brave like a baby bunny

On Easter weekend we discovered a clutch of bunnies had set up a home in our flower garden.
First - ahhhh?!,  we find bunnies on Easter weekend and second,  what a great teaching opportunity  for the kids.

Using a stick, we were so careful not to leave our scent on any of the bedding while we took a peek at these so new,  soooo cute slumbering babies.

Animal instincts took over and even though it was still daylight,  mum came by to uncover her grown babies as if to say "ok,  time to go,  you can't live here any more."

This is how they looked the day they left the comfort of their home.
Imagine how nervous they must have felt jumping out,  into the open,  so vulnerable.


More recently,  Noah woke up from a bad dream.  I went in to console him but he was adamant about sleeping with mom and dad.
(not at 2:00am thank you!)

I reminded him of how brave those baby bunnies must have been to leave their home and find their own shelter and food - how scared they must have felt.
"Be brave like the bunnies" I told him.

It worked!  He slept right through till morning.

The funny part is...I caught sight of one scooting quickly through a small gap in our garage door.
I didn't tell Noah.