A little motivation called Star Wars

"It was library day today mom - look what book I picked!"  he said with enthusiasm.
He collected his drawing tools and found a spot at the table.

This is where I get excited.  If I had suggested that he sit and practice drawing dogs or robots or monsters,  he would have turned up his nose and walked away disinterested.
He chose to draw Star Wars characters and found himself a step-by-step book on how to do just that.

My guy sat for a good hour,  drawing various characters from the Star Wars stories.
He is quite different from my daughter at this age who would sit for hours at a time colouring, or creating something.
We had to find a different approach with Noah to motivate him to practice reading and printing and drawing.
That approach...  Star Wars.

Size matters not,
      ...look at me.
                                Judge me by size,  do you?
     -Master Yoda