Pretty 'write' - teaching kids cursive handwriting

"When Grammy writes in my birthday card I want to be able to read it"  said my daughter.

Needless to say,  I am continuing my daughter's education in cursive handwriting because
 our Ontario school system has taken this important skill out of its curriculum.

I know why I think it's important for kids to know how to write but I wanted more.
Today's Parent magazine,  a Canadian publication,  has a really good article.

According to the article learning cursive handwriting:

  • enhances fine motor skills
  • assists with memory recall
  • develops thinking strategies
  • expands vocabulary
  • boosts creativity

Handwriting serves kids with learning disabilities better because they don't have the interruption of starting and stopping like they would when printing.  Their thoughts can flow easier.


Handwriting is like your finger print.  No one has the same writing as you.
It's unique to everyone.


Pretty handwriting.

I absolutely adore anything handwritten.
Learning pointed pen calligraphy was on my list of things I wanted to try.


more practice

Need I say it again?

I can't wait to use calligraphy in photographs and journals and greeting cards and art and ....
maybe teach my daughter when she's ready?

If you are interested in teaching your kids cursive handwriting at home,  click on the Today's Parent article link at the top of this post and you can download and print a free printable cursive worksheet.