diy tomato soup that warms your belly

It's been too long.  Slap my wrist and call me a busy mom.
Life has a way of keeping us busy doesn't it?

In trying to stay warm this winter,  I tried,  for the first time to make my own tomato soup.
I found this recipe in my February issue of Chatelaine magazine.

Here is the process:

butter, onion and garlic cooked until soft

organic, Ontario tomatoes
Other than my parents' canned tomatoes,  this would be the next best thing.

In our case,  my kids are not keen on a strong red pepper taste so I used a small red pepper and more carrot.

Left over broth is usually good in the fridge for 7 days.  I just grab a marker and mark my new best before date on the top.

I own a stick blender so I could puree my mixture right in the pot instead of transferring to another appliance,  which makes this soup even easier to make.

I really,  really like this soup.  The recipe calls for 1/8 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper which was too hot for my kids.  
For adults,  it leaves a nice warm feeling in your belly.