Vintage jewellery vignette

I am a scavenger and collector.  I have many collections of things that make me happy.
Vintage jewellery is one of them.
My sisters and I chose a few pieces of jewellery from my great grandmother's home after she passed away.    This is one of the pieces I chose.

I really enjoyed putting this vignette together.  Choosing just the right colours and textures while making sure to showcase the beads.  The colourful scarf and embroidered hankies belonged to my great grandma as well.  She used to wrap a sheer scarf around her head to keep the wind out of her ears.

My plan is to design a new piece with these amazing beads.  Aren't they pretty?

I'll make sure to post a photo of the new piece I design when it's complete.

What kinds of things do you collect?