Jewellery making comes full circle

Well,  jewellery has come full circle.

When Alaina was small,  9 years ago,  I took my first 'learn to make jewellery' class.
I fell in love with the many,  many,  many  colours,  finishes and kinds of beads I could choose from.
Needless to say,  I continued learning new designs and techniques for making my own jewellery.
I also developed my very own style,  and am still evolving and learning new techniques.

Life became busy and jewellery got pushed to the side for a while.
I have to admit,  every so often I would open my cupboard and foolishly think I could sit down
with my beads only to be sucked back to the reality of kids, dirty dishes and laundry.

During this time I also struggled with my thoughts about what I wanted to do when the kids were both in school full time.

Now the kids are in school full time.


I picked up a copy of the Sears Wish Book last week for the kids to look through.  Something my parents used to do for my siblings and I when we were young.

I opened the book the other day and when I reached the jewellery section I was thrown back to when
I was a kid.  This was my favourite part of the catalogue.  I had totally forgotten how I  used to study the gem stones and the cuts and the different types of chain link.

Another full circle.


As Christmas 2013 approaches I am ecstatic to tell you that I am selling my hand-beaded
jewellery in a shop for the first time!

Today and the next two days are a great time to visit the shops in Ridgeville.
Nature's Corner Cafe and Bakery is where you will find my jewellery,  along with a beautifully curated collection of gift items.

The Shops in Ridgeville open house starts today from 10am till 9pm
tomorrow from 10am till 7pm,  and
Saturday from 10am till 5pm