all that and a $8 shirt

I never knew I could fall in love with a shirt.  I don't love it because it fits good or feels good on.  Or for it's $8 price tag.  It actually doesn't fit me at all,  (yet,  I'm hoping this shirt will give me the motivation to get off the proverbial couch and get moving!)

I fell in love with the muted colours,  the pretty floral pattern,  the 100% cotton,  flowing,  romantic feeling that radiates from it. 

I suddenly feel like I'm writing for the Peterman catalogue.
(Seinfeld fans will get this)

I love the flowers;  happy hours lie
   Shut up within their petals close and fast:
You have forgotten,  dear;  but they and I
    Keep every fragment of the golden Past.

                                            -Adelaide A. Procter.

I wanted to share a verse from one of the poems in this vintage book I found
at a thrift shop.  (I love old books)

The necklace,  (my own design),  is hand knotted,  polished garnet chips.
I thought it complimented the shirt beautifully.

How about you?  Do you own a shirt that you just can't part with?
Does it hold memories,  or maybe it's seen better days but it's just so darn comfortable.

Maybe it's just so beautiful that it makes you happy to see it in your closet.