Pumpkin pie for breakfast

It's officially fall!
my favourite season

Sweater weather,  leaves crunching under your feet,  the golden summer sun changes to pure white light.
Potted mums seem to sprout from every one's front steps and,  on weekends,  pumpkin farms are the place to be.  (especially if you have kids)

Pumpkins are not only for carving (or smashing if you are of a younger, mischievous generation and looking for something to do on a Friday night).

Pumpkins are for eating!

what smells so good?

Can I have some more?

I found this recipe on-line for pumpkin pie oatmeal that cooks overnight in the slow cooker.
here it is:

This is so easy,  it's ridiculous!  
If you are against eating anything from a can, (BPA lining), you could source a product with a BPA- free lining (and if you find one let me know!)  or use a fresh cooking pumpkin.  It takes a little more work but worth it!

We know a  family from my kids' school who had moved from England.  During their first Thanksgiving in Canada the kids gagged in utter disgust after they tried pumpkin pie for the first time.  They couldn't understand why anyone would want to put a vegetable in a pie!