Lipstick 'snaps'

 not showered,  still in my pj's,  bed head and no make up... but I always wear lipstick - always lipstick.   

My mom never wore lipstick.  So where did I get my addicting need to put lipstick on before I go out...anywhere?

     my grandma.

I watched her for years stand in front of a mirror and apply her lipstick.  She had a unique way to colour her lips though.  Instead of applying it like lip balm like I do,  she used to twist the stick all the way up and slide it back and forth between her lips.  Then she would take out a folded tissue from her purse and find a clean edge to press between her lips leaving a pink lip print.

When my family and I were sorting through my grandparent's house we found a small collection of her lipsticks.  I just had to have them.  Sounds odd,  I know,  but it's one of my memories of her.

I chose to photograph her lipsticks along with her camera.  I suppose my grandpa took over the picture-taking responsibilities quite early on because I don't ever remember seeing her take one photo.


She was certainly quick to show us their newest  'snaps'.