That's a wrap (I won't buy anymore)

I know parents want to make the best choices for their kids but it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher  food labels or know all there is to know about the food industry and where our food comes from.   Not to mention what happens to it before it reaches our tables and lunch boxes.

During one of my cleaning, sorting, making more room in my kitchen rituals,  I found half a package of whole wheat wraps on my kitchen cart.  I opened the package and did the sniff test.  I reached inside for a touch test.  Not bad,  I thought.
Then I looked at the expiration date.

Yesterday's date was July 3,  2013
to my surprise the date on the package was April 4, 2013!

How much longer would these wraps have lasted (not even refrigerated)?
There was no sign of mould.

There was no sign of nutrition either!

Any food stories you would like to share with me?
We all want to know.