homemade lemon ice pops

It is a continuous challenge of mine to get healthy foods into my kids.  So I have started making my own 'popsicles'.
I'm having fun chopping,  juicing,  and blending!  

lemons to juice with my vintage juicer

As you look at each photo in this post you will notice that everything matches.  Yellow lemons,  yellow walls,  yellow ice pop molds,  yellow t-shirt.  Green juicer,  green knife,  green lime slices.  Grey table,  grey grater,  grey blending stick.
(I didn't do this on purpose,  I swear)

lemon rinds to add extra lemony goodness

agave nectar in place of refined sugar

water added to the mix

thinly sliced lime to surprise your taste buds

My daughter did all the prep work for these ice lollies.  She is in love with lemon so you can guess these are her favourite so far.

refreshing lemon on a hot summer day
I feel good giving my kids ice pops made with pure ingredients.
There is a total of 3 ingredients in these 'popsicles'!

Here's to the dog days of summer!