props and peonies

"Mom,  can I pick these?"  he asks with his hand already gripping the stems,  getting ready to pull.

3 peony bushes

4 blooms

I only had four peony blooms this year and Noah wanted to pick two of them.
He likes bringing flowers into the house
How can I argue with that?

Together we cut all four blooms,  (why leave just two),  and arranged them in a glass bottle.

While Noah noshed on his lunch I quickly arranged a "stage" to photograph these freshly picked,
sweet smelling flowers.
(peonies are one of my favourite flowers)

a texture added to this photo

I seized the moment.
I am trying to do that more often.

putting it all together

I put this together in less than 5 minutes.
I am very resourceful and always keep an eye out for other people's trash.
I grabbed these shutters from my neighbour's pile of 'stuff' he was putting out with his garbage.

The Perrier bottle was free.
(I like to keep recyclables to use for crafts or decorating)
I like how intensely green this bottle is.  It compliments any flowers.

The table top is actually broken pieces of a cupboard door that have been left outside to weather.
I set it all on top of my recycling boxes on the back porch.

taken with my Lensbaby lens

So,  there is the story behind 4 peony blooms that could have stayed outside to endure the elements, or Rosie,  or Noah,  or the lawn mower.
Now we enjoy them throughout the day(s).
They fill our small kitchen with their sweet scent and cheer me up every time I admire them.