May contain wheat

While getting breakfast on the weekend my 5 year old was choosing a package of instant oatmeal.
He asked my husband to read the ingredients to him because he knows he is not supposed to have wheat and takes this very seriously.

(he is actually on a reactive diet,  so I wouldn't give him a cookie or plate of pasta made with wheat,  but I do give him trace amounts,  as in the case of instant oatmeal)

While I was in the shower, (moms never get any privacy,  am I right?),  I hear a knock on the bathroom door.
With package in hand,  he asks me,  "Am I allowed to have 'maycontain'?"

I know that unless the package says gluten free,  oats are contaminated with gluten at the processing facility.

I am hearing about more and more people discovering how they have a gluten sensitivity, (that would be me),  or have tested positive for celiac disease.
To truly and easily avoid gluten all you need is simple,  whole foods.  
Stay away from processed,  packaged foods which aren't good for you anyway. 
(for a whole slew of reasons)

Watch the labels for the 'maycontain' ingredients!

Do you know someone living gluten-free?