Rosie to the rescue

I think I can finally catch my breath.   Saying I've been busy is an understatement.  I have been saturated with every emotion going and now I feel wrung out from the twists and turns and squeezes I have endured in the last month.

The latest event in my family's life has been very 'rosie'.  A joyous and welcoming occasion to put everything in balance again.

I would like you to meet Rosie.

She is a rescue dog who has rescued us in return.
She is a four month old whippet mix and, in my opinion,  the sweetest canine girl you could meet.
(I'm a little biased)

Since adopting Rosie many people I have spoken with have said rescue dogs make the best pets...
maybe they know they have been given a second chance.

Of course,  I am thrilled to have another subject to photograph.
How could I not have a 'rosie' outlook on life with her around!