Would you rather...

While my kids and I were at the park on the weekend,  I overheard a game two grade 5 girls were playing.  I wanted to share this part of the game with you.

The game is called 'would you rather'.
friend #1 - Would you rather date a guy you didn't know or marry someone who is really mean?

friend #2 -  I would date a guy I didn't know.

friend #1 -  Yeah,  but what if he ends up being really mean?

friend #2 (interrupted her friend by saying) oh oh,  I would marry the really mean guy and then I'd divorce him!  (quite pleased with her response)

First,  my jaw dropped and then their conversation
 made me think of my own daughter, who is 9yrs old,  and wonder what her thoughts are about marriage and commitment,
and the bigger question,  her self-love.

What kind of examples are we showing our kids (or not showing our kids)?