Photographing kids at school - new school year.

We are a week and a half into the new school year.  Yeah!
This is my favourite time of year.  I find myself with a renewed energy and ready to take on jobs around the house that I had been putting off all summer.  It could be because the heat of the summer is behind us,  (I just function better in cooler weather),  or it could be that my kids are back at school,  or it could be that I treated myself to back to school clothes shopping this year!


With my mornings free, (my youngest is attending SK this year),  I have the opportunity to head into Niagara Falls and take some photos for the primary school my sister teaches at.

I  took photos for my son's nursery school two years ago and wanted to share some of my  favourites...

because I am so excited to be able to capture more little faces with my camera this year!

here we go...

 I had so much fun taking these 'fly on the wall' style photos for my son's nursery school.
I felt privileged to be able to capture these 'kid-lings' make new discoveries.  I also felt kind of guilty because I was the only parent able to witness these amazing kids learning new things.


  1. Great post This is what every parent knows by instinct: nice teachers matter, especially for very young children. This is first time in many instances that your child will be separate from you for any extended period of time. It is very important that which Best playgroup in Pune you are selecting.

  2. I agree Ajay. Their first experience at school sets the stage for years to come. My son started grade one this year which reminded me of my first grade teacher. She was so mean that kids would urinate in their seats because they were too scared to ask to go to the bathroom. Luckily both my kids have had amazing teachers in their lives so far.


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