Photography really is all it's quacked up to be!

(sorry for the pun,  I couldn't help it)
My nine year old daughter has shown some interest in photography lately.  I knew I kept my Canon Rebel digital SLR for a reason.  (Actually,  I have a confession - I have a unofficial collection of cameras.  I don't think I could ever sell or give away any of them.)  

I wanted our first 'lesson' to be fun and to keep her interest.  She is an animal lover so I brought her to feed the ducks,  very friendly ducks I might add!

   I let her just click away!  She had a blast!


Noah enjoyed collecting feathers, feeding the ducks, and slipping on the algae-covered rocks and falling on his bottom.  (Yeah,  that last one not so fun for him.)

This is an awesome summer activity for kids.
My daughter felt challenged to find just the right shot.  It forced her to slow down and really look at everything differently and it's a great way to spend the afternoon.
I had so much fun - I can't wait for our next lesson.