All about family

This past week was all about family.
Sorting through my grandparent's house and finding all kinds of family history and special trinkets;

Connecting with family I haven't seen for years...and years and sharing stories from the past;
(check out Bobby's website and find out why he is named Dr. Love)

Meeting an old family friend for the first time, (and watching him put on an awesome show)
 -feeling like I have known him for as long as my husband has.

  Noah and Marshall Dane - Fonthill Band shell - August 2012

Noah has been watching Marshall's videos and listening to his CD for months.  (He has even memorized the words to his favourite songs).

After the sun went down and it was too dark to take any video or photos,  Noah let the music move him and danced and entertained everyone in the front rows for the remainder of the performance.

This will be a moment he will never forget!
Thanks Marshall.