My vegan - meat-eater

Our little man turned five!  He tells us he is a big boy now.  This big boy is in for some big changes. It's probably a bigger deal for me that it is for him - time will tell! 

One visit to a naturopathic doctor and one blood test revealed
 Noah has been eating foods that cause him to be 'not himself'.

His reactive foods are eggs, cranberry, wholewheat, and dairy.
To a lesser degree, citrus, spelt, almond and sesame seed.

He is my vegan - meat-eater!

Above all other foods, eggs showed to be the highest on the reactive foods chart.
I feel terrible knowing that I was causing some of his physical and emotional troubles just by feeding him foods that his body has trouble digesting and assimilating.
I feel better knowing he is on the mend.