Our first garden - Yikes!

Every year I say I'm going to put in a garden.  (I still don't have a garden)  I really have no idea how to set up an edible garden.  So,  this March I joined my local horticultural society.  I am the youngest member which made me feel a little out of place.  Then I thought - look at all the years of experience I can draw from.  (then I felt better)

I am not totally new to gardening though.  I had dirt under my nails as kid,  helping my parents and my grandparents in their gardens.  My best memories are digging potatoes with my grandmother.  When I close my eyes I can imagine myself working along side her - the heat from the sun on my back,  the feel of the warm dirt in my hands and the very earthy potato smell combined with the iron-rich soil (the soil in Pelham has an orange tinge).

Here is our proposed garden site.  It's the south side of the house - full sun. (check)

I am betting my youngest will be out in the garden with me and without me all summer.  I will have to convince him that back-hoes and excavators do not work in gardens!  I think a small working garden for his personal use is in order.

Proposed garden site.

Noah and I planted some peas almost a month ago, (on the advice from the members at the horticultural society "just throw them in ground!")
We planted four - only two survived Noah's shovel.  He was feeling a little impatient.

Any gardeners out there want to share some advice?  I need all the help I can get!