More reasons to eat pancakes.

Pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.  My kids could eat pancakes anytime.
After finding this wheat-free, nutrient-packed recipe I don't mind when they eat them.

Quinoa is actually a ancient seed.  It is one of the gluten-free options for cooking and baking.
And most importantly,  it is soooo good for you.  It is a complete protein - containing all the essential amino acids.

Real maple syrup is our first choice as a pancake topping but we have also used homemade strawberry freezer jam,  (when my mom has made some),  honey and I enjoy sliced bananas.    

I am slowly adding quinoa and other nutrient-dense foods to my family's diet.  
I have personally adopted a gluten-free diet, not because I have celiac disease, but just because I feel so much better without it.

What is your favourite pancake topping?


  1. I posted about a quinoa salad not too long ago - I've never made pancakes with it yet. I still go with my soaked whole wheat ones, bit I should try them with quinoa next!

    My fave toppings? Just plain cinnamon with raw, unpasteurized honey - yum. I also like fried apples on the side, tossed in a little virgin coconut oil.

  2. Ahhh, raw honey and cinnamon are staples in our house! I'll have to try the fried apples - that sounds really good.
    Quite often I will cook apple slices with cinnamon, a bit of organic cane sugar and rice flour to thicken it a bit. It's like having hot apple pie without the crust.


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