Back porch science

So,  our winter so far in Niagara has been far from wintery.  Our toboggans are feeling a bit neglected.  I have spring bulbs pushing through the cold dirt in what I like to refer to now as Noah's construction site -  where shovels and rakes and toy excavators have found a home.  

During the few winter moments we had this year the snow blew up onto our back porch trying to cover up remnants of the previously enjoyed season.  This jack-o-lantern was once smiling and warm.  Now he sits on our back porch,  tossed aside to make room for Christmas.  I know what you are thinking,  Christmas has come and gone... long gone.  He has missed his ride to decompose with all the other pumpkins week after week after week.  In the name of science and to show the kids what decomposition looks like,  we decided to keep him.

(I'll be sure to send him on his way when he starts to smell or he starts attracting animals!)