It never gets old

I could see the anticipation, nervousness and excitement on his face while we were waiting for
the big door at the entrance of the car wash to open.

My grandparents used to treat me to a journey through the car wash when I was little.   I remember the feeling of being swallowed by some kind soapy creature, slapping the car with it's swishy, sloppy, brightly coloured, spaghetti-like arms and then spitting us out at the end.   I felt violated but very clean!   I bet my grandparents used to have as much fun watching me as I had watching 'the show'.

My kids still get excited when my husband and I announce we are taking them for a ride through the car wash.   It is one of those experiences that never gets old.

Life goes by so fast!   Slow down and let a moment sit and simmer for a bit before you move on to the day's next demand.

I want to dedicate this post to my grandpa who is celebrating his 88th birthday today.   
Thanks for the great childhood memories!