There's a tool for that

Ahhh....the Christmas cookie.
I dug out my Wilton cookie press kit, knowing that my four year old son would be absolutely thrilled that there is a tool to make a cookie.

I dutifully mixed the dough by hand. 
The kids usually like to help with the mixing but due to the fact the dough was more like the consistency of Play-Doh they insisted I do it.

You see,  I created the most healthy Christmas cookie I have ever made - not by choice.  I was lacking in the white flour department.

white, whole wheat, and quinoa flours, organic cane sugar, butter, milk, the extracts, baking powder
with a little tweaking and lots of love we made some pretty darn good cookies.

Decorating is their second favourite thing about making Christmas cookies.

The first?    Eating them!

What do you like to do with your kids during the holiday season?