My favourite beginning - my first SLR

This is where it all began for me.  I mean really began.  Ya, sure, I used point and shoot cameras when I was a kid but my photographic journey started with this totally manual, totally awesome Praktica SLR film camera.  It belonged to my dad,  and when he had a film developed I noticed how much better the photos looked.
I know what you are thinking.  Praktica what?  That is the exact same reaction my photography teacher had during my 'Introduction to Photography' course.  I had to prove to him that I could take amazing photos with this camera.  When the course was done I made him a believer in my little German-made camera.


I loved learning the ropes of photography with this camera.  Those of you who own an SLR digital camera,  turn your dial to M for manual and switch your lens to manual focus.  I encourage anyone who is interested in photography to find a used manual film camera,  (yes,  you can still buy and develop film), and have fun!