like it or not.

  The kids were asleep.  I could hear the wind blowing and rain pelting the windows.  I love the sound of weather.  It makes my home feel cozy and safe.   I was on my own for the evening to do anything I wanted to do.  So....I pick up my camera.

I hand held my camera for this shot.  I bought a new lens with an IS (image stabilizer) and had to put it to the test.

Who's with me?  Who loves a good storm? 


  1. michelle rehkopfJune 1, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    I love you and I love your photos but I do not love a good storm. I would take a picture of one too, but all you would see would be the darkness of my duvet cover where I would be cowering.

  2. Too funny! Use the flash, make things interesting or... give Allan a good scare!


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