Not just for kids

As you have probably noticed I have been adding textures to my photos with Photoshop Elements.  As time goes by and I have experimented with these textures, it's opened my eyes to all the possibilities. Taking a photo is only the first step in creating an interesting image.

When my little guy asked me to take out 'the big bin of stuff' I jumped at the chance to experiment some more.  We took out bingo dabbers, coloured construction paper and crayons.  We both had a blast!  Here are just two of the seven pieces I finished.  Once I started I couldn't stop!  (Hum, did I feed my family supper that night?)

Even if you don't have the best of the best art supplies you can still create something amazing.  I can't wait to use my new textures/backgrounds in my photographs. The top texture reminds me of some kind of sweet, sprinkled confectionery treat.



  1. Stephanie, these are amazing! So vintage-y looking too!


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