Hold my hand

Today while I was doing some shopping I was admiring a mom and her little girl looking for that something special in the sea of clothing racks.  This little girl was no more than four years old and was asking her mom lots of questions with her sweet little voice.  I admired the mom's style in how she dressed and how she outfitted her daughter.  I thought, how nice, mom and daughter enjoying a morning of fashion together.  

We all wandered over to the checkout at the same time.  While I waited for them to finish with their purchases I watched this little girl leave her mom's side, getting a little further away and further yet.  She walked through the exit doors, through the foyer and into a small room filled with kiddie rides and games.  I didn't take my eyes off of her.  The mom only turned once to see where she was, (before she left the exit doors).  She finished her transaction and expected to see her daughter in the foyer.  She went outside- nope not there.  I actually had to tell her where her daughter was!  
Holding my two year old niece's hand.

It only takes a second.  I walked to my van with a tear in my eye.

Hold their hand to comfort them;
Hold their hand to be merry;
Hold their hand to love them;
Hold their hand to keep them safe.