Doggie booties and raincoats. Woof!

What are you reading these days?
  I thought it would be interesting to document what everyone in my house is currently reading.
I am reading  'Inside of a Dog. What Dogs See, Smell and Know' by Alexandra Horowitz.
The photo on the front cover caught my attention immediately.  The woman standing in line behind me was also drawn to it and bought it.  If it wasn't for the photo on the front cover I probably wouldn't have noticed it.  As a photographer,  I feel this is the kind of photo I would have taken of this dog.  Natural light, the point of focus on his eyes and the background matches the colour of his fur.  Woof!

By the way,  I am really enjoying the book so far.  Every dog lover should read it, especially the people who dress their four-legged companions in doggie booties and raincoats!