For the love of crystals

My friend Toye asked me to convert a beautiful crystal bracelet into a necklace.  She doesn't really wear bracelets but loved the crystals.  She picked it up this afternoon and loved it.  This is the second piece  I have altered for her so she can enjoy wearing her jewellery instead of letting it sit in a drawer.  I really enjoyed the project but I especially loved seeing her face when she held her new improved piece of jewellery for the first time.

I also wanted to show you how my Photoshop skills are coming along.  Here is the necklace I reworked for my friend Toye.   I applied one texture layer and adjusted how the two layers work together.

Here is the photo as it was shot.

Toye is an active member of the Pelham and St.Catharines Art Associations.  She will be exhibiting her acrylic paintings at the Pelham Art Festival this May.

The Pelham Art Festival is celebrating it's 25th year this year.  It takes place on Mother's Day weekend- Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  To see a list of artists and any other information about the festival check out their website.