Finding strength in family

I think everyone has their family stories about the hardships their ancestors had to endure and how strong they had to be to survive.   (And how thankful and proud we are of them).  In my collection of ancestors I have a blacksmith, a photographer, a quilter and other needle crafts, a piano player, a nurse, a violin player, a few carpenters, a seamstress, and a visual artist.   Some of these activities were to  pass the time and others were how they chose to make a living.  Some were performed for pure survival.

Knowing my grandpa built his own house and grew his own food makes me a stronger person.  Growing up my dad could and would fix everything that needed to be fixed and built our sheds and finished our basement and the list goes on.  Knowing he could do all these things himself makes me a stronger person.  Watching my mom sew my clothes when I was young and later raise five kids to be creative in our own ways  makes me a stronger person.  I am so grateful my family has taught me that I can do anything. 

In the spirit of  'I can do anything', I borrowed a book from the library about wire working.  I grabbed my tools and my wire and dove in. 

Does the ability, the desire or in my case, the need to work with my hands come naturally or is it learned?  Hmm...